My Groot Klanke Boek


My Big Phonics Book (Afrikaans)

  • Recognise the letter
  • Decorate the letter
  • Write the letter
  • Colour the words
  • Write a word
  • a, aa, aai, be, bl, br, -d, dr, dw, e, ee, ei, el, em, en, er, eu, eeu, f, fl, fr, ge, gl, gr, i, ie, ig, ik, kl, kn, kr, ks, kw, lf, lk, lp, mp, ms, nd, ng, ng, nk, ns, nt, o, oo, oe, ou, oei, ooi, pl, pr, rf, rg, rk, rm, rp, rs, rt, sl, sk, sm, sn, sp, st, str, skr, spr, sw, tr, ts, tw, u, uu, ui, vl, vr, ver, y

[81 pages]

[PDF Format]